What things to consider when choosing Sikkim Tour Packages?

When you speak of the eastern Himalayas, you cannot skip the name of Sikkim. This beautiful destination is an attraction for many travellers and tourists. It is a splendid land of breathtaking landscapes, varied cultures, and rich biodiversity. If you want to ensure that you have a fantastic trip, then you can consider using a reasonable option amidst Sikkim tour packages from Surat. Once you explore the following points, you can know which package to choose.

Look at the Destinations that the Tour Covers

You should know that Sikkim is one place that boasts a diversity of destinations, including the capital city of Gangtok, the tranquil Tsomgo Lake, the scenic Yumthang Valley, and even the monastic town of Pelling. Diverse packages cover varied locations, so pick the one that includes the overall places you most wish to visit. What is the point if you choose a tour that does not have the places you want to visit. 

Check the Tour Duration

Before you even finalize the Sikkim package, make sure that you consider the duration of your stay. Sikkim gets you a plethora of attractions, and the time of your visit is going to impact the places you can explore. No matter you are planning a short getaway or even an extended vacation, promise that the package aligns properly with your preferred duration.

Tour Types 

You should know that Sikkim is one place that offers you diverse types of tours, ranging from adventure tours for trekking enthusiasts to even cultural tours that concentrate on monasteries and even local traditions. Recognize your interests and choose a package that simply aligns with your specific preferences.

Be Attentive About Tour Inclusions and Exclusions 

It is your duty that you carefully evaluate the inclusions and exclusions of each tour package. Find out if the tour has proper accommodation, meals, transportation, and even permits for you. When you know what exactly the tour includes for you, you can better decide for yourself and choose the best possible tour for a fulfilling trip.

Proper Permits and Documentation 

It is true that Sikkim demands permits for certain restricted areas. Make sure that the tour package encompasses the necessary permits, and clarify if you require to arrange any sort of additional documentation. This is specifically crucial for visits to border areas such as Nathula Pass.

Explore the Options of Transportation 

Then you have to find out what type of transportation provisions are in the tour. find it out in advance so that you can decide accordingly. Find out if it is road transportation, fly or railway or something else. This way you can be confident that you choose a tour that is contenting for your specific needs.

Weather Checks 

You should also know that there are diverse weathers that dominate Sikkim in different times of the year. it is because of its varied topography. The best time you can choose to visit may differ depending on whether you prefer the luxurious greenery of summer or even the snow-capped landscapes of winter. So, make sure that you evaluate the weather conditions during your tour and accordingly pick the tour that is perfect.


So, since you know so many things that you should be careful about, go ahead and pick one out of the Sikkim tour packages and ensure you have a contenting, comfortable and energetic trip.

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